Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celtic Goddesses and Sunny Days

Hello Artland!  We are finally experiencing the most glorious sunny day today and I am beside myself with joy!  It's been a long time in coming.
In art this week the goddess and fairy girlies continue to speak to me...  This is "Brigid".  I was thinking "Celtic and Rainforest" while I was doing her.  Maybe an unusual combo but I liked the idea of it.  She conjures up mystical images for me and I was surprised how she just sort of appeared under my pen on a rather blah leftover painted background while watching blah T.V. in my magical art chair.  Now she is one of my favorites! 
By the way, I'm pretty sure that my chair is magical and therefore partially responsible for my art, lol!

All her jewellery is done in metallic gel ink but didn't gleam in this particular photo.  The leaves were done with Copic marker and the rest is my usual Prismacolor pencils.  I've decided that the pencils actually give a more intense color and they are blendable.  This medium will remain my favorite for these girlies.

My flowers are starting to peek their heads out and show off their gorgeousness so I thought I'd share a couple of photos...

My pale lilacs always bloom first before my deep purple ones. These smell soooo heavenly!

And here are my bleeding hearts. They just popped up as volunteers in my front planter 2 years ago. So delicate and sweet.

My lovely deck is calling to me as are my puppy and kitty who are frolicking out in the sun. They are so happy!  The gentle breeze wafts early signs of Summer as it ruffles my locks (that are needing a bit of touch up at the root, ha!).  I could bask out here all day!  I went and bought some huge chicken breasts earlier and I will give them a Jamaican jerk rub before I toss them onto the bar-b.  I simmered up some rice but I haven't decided on the veggies yet.  Yum!  I'm hungry!

Oh yes, the sun is out and all is right in my world!

Creatively yours,  Jessica


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Fantastic ! Love Brigid, the scent of Lilacs, and the bleeding heart flowers are my Favourite !!! My heart really warms whenever I spot them outside. It's been raining here for a while.. and it looks like it will rain this week long.. I can't wait for the sunny days ! You sound SO HAPPY ! Love to you, Jessi !!! xoxoxo

Maggie said...

Love reading your post...Always interesting and very inviting. Love how you describe your magical chair. Simply beautiful. Your new drawing is as always enchanting and gorgeous. You just might inspire me to break out some happy colors and play. Thank you for your get well thoughts regarding my kids. Very sweet..oh and YOU are far from being background challenged. (I can't believe you said that. LOL)

Kristin said...

Ohhhh! She is gorgeous! I love her eyes especially! Wonderful beautiful work (and flowers ;) - hope you had a great dinner, xoxo

Cameron said...

Well, I'll play along....but, I think I know what makes that chair magical *wink* ;P

Brigid is so absolutely beautiful!!

....and such pretty flowers....I just love it when plants in my yard are blooming! Since we moved in last November, I've been discovering little surprises here and there....like a lime tree I had no idea was even there...haha!
So happy you're doing well!

Nessa said...


Kristin said...


Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh lucky your are to have a so many friends ( your goddesses and fairy and mermaid.) You must enjoy that nice sun in your patio and smell the odor of your lilac...LUCKY again my friend...hope you have had a nice time with your pets and that you will go back on your magical chair for an other nice drawing...it makes me smiling and feel fine to imagine you enjoying drawing on your magical chair...

let's go for an other création Jessica...eager to see the next friend of yours...xxx

MeUpcycled said...

That's also my daughter's name, but she spells it a different way. Brigid is also supposed to be the goddess of inspiration. I can tell she's already working her magic on you!