Saturday, June 25, 2011

In to P!NK!

It's almost time again to post our art for Summer of Color and for once I am ready! This next week is pink week.  To get inspired I put in my     P!NK'S Funhouse dvd and rocked out for a while with my latte' this morning.  Interestingly enough my painting turned out rather soft in spite of the raucous fun sound and visuals. 

I was inspired by P!NK'S performance of "Glitter in the Air" and picked up on the softer nuances of of the visuals and the song itself is a lovely one.  It is one of P!NK'S stunning aerial performances.  So anyhow, here is my entry...

 Glitter in the Air

This one I stayed with from start to finish without a break except to make another latte'.  I wanted to make sure I kept the same inspirational vibe I was riding on.

I want to thank everyone for their lovely and encouraging comments this last week!  You all kept me focused on this challenge - thank  you!  Also I want to welcome the new followers to my blog.  I get so excited when I have another like-minded soul link up!

In the news - Jasper has recovered nicely from his eye operation 12 days ago.  He is happy and in the pink!  He is well enough to be rousting the cat and she is not thrilled!  Poor little girl - she is getting on in years and wants to play on her own terms!

We've been having beautiful weather and I have been running around trying to catch up on all the stuff that got pushed aside for wintertime (almost 8 month's of it this year)!  So I will be starting to engage in summer cleaning as spring cleaning doesn't work well in the pouring rain, lol.

This next week it looks like I might have a little more time for arting in between the cleaning sessions.  I can't wait to spend a little more time at home around the house and garden and less time running to the vet and doctors appointments etc., etc...!

Sung-Hee is having a Silly Me Doodle Party link up at her blog.  Check it out!   

I'll be stopping by your blogs to enjoy your art for pink week and to and visit all my regulars as well!  Keep on arting everyone!

Forever in art,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Green is my Fav!

Hello all you creative geniuses!  And I'm not kidding!  After viewing so much of your work for blue week on the Summer of Color, I am dazed and amazed at the flow of creativity out there!

I want to thank all of you who came to view my blog and my work and to those of you who are now following.  I hope you enjoy your visit here.  I've been unusually busy these last couple of weeks and I am struggling to keep up with everyone so hang tight and I'll get to your blog eventually - lol!

I would have to say that all shades of green are probably my favorite color.  I wish I had had more time to work on this week's challenge!  So, here is my entry for GREEN week.

I continued on a theme I had started called "I Heart Art".  The substrate is inexpensive watercolor paper and I used a combination of watercolor and acrylic paints.  All the spraying of stencils was done with glimmer mist.  I collaged pieces of torn book pages and a little script from scrapbook paper and then added a touch of glitter.  From some painted grocery brown bags I cut out green hearts to add to the mix.  Lastly I scribbled and wrote on it with a black ink dip pen.  And there you have it...

Full speed ahead for the next week's Summer of Color challenge!

Music in the studio this week was Sheryl Crow's Wildflower and pandora radio...

Forever in art,  Jessi

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Heavenly Blue Fairy and Blu Garden Faerie

Hello all you colorful artsy types! It's Monday and our first time to submit our project for Summer of Color, the 1st week of Blue! Yay!

Well, as you can see, I did not step too far outside of my comfort zone for this first one! Ummm, a fairy journal spread, of course, done with caran d'ache w/c crayons and acrylic paint.  I did her in my hot press watercolor paper journal using golden gesso, crafter's workshop stencil, colorwash spray, glimmer mist, and clear stamps with distress ink and white paint. 

Underneath it all I journaled both pages with thoughts on blue and garden treasures in blue.  After writing about the garden, my tiffany blue fairy ended up masquerading as the heavenly blue morning glory fairy for this week, ha!

The mantra reads...

Heavenly Blue

Morning Glory Faerie and Vine,
Disease and depression you will bind
With cool, calming peace of mind.
- Jessica Watson -

My second project was another fairy, Blu Garden Faerie, done in my doodle style on painted and stamped background...

Blu Garden Faerie

Although I had fun doing them both, I think this one is my favorite blue fairy.  Viva la Summer of Color!

Stay tuned for next weeks' color and entry!

Music in the studio this week was Zen collections.

Forever in art,  Jessica xox

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Summer of Color - Blog Party!

Hello creative lovelies!  Today is the kick off for Kristin's blog party "The Summer of Color" at: ! Yay!

This weeks challenge will be the color BLUE and all its hues.  Each week there will be a new color, a new challenge.  We can interpret that color in any form of art that we choose to do. If you doodle, paint with mixed media, watercolor, make journal pages, whatever you favorite form of art, you can share your piece each week with the blog party. 

I know that Kristin is having some awesome give-aways too!  So if you want to participate with us, pop on over to Kristin's blog (there's a blinking button at the left too) and get all the specifics of the party.
I will no doubt be choosing Tiffany blue to work with this week...

So if this sounds like a fun creative way to jump into summer, get out those art supplies and get busy - we'll see you at the party!

Forever in art,  Jessica xox

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fantasy for the Soul

Hellooo, Hellooo! I'm here in blogland to share a little art, life and beauty with you all..

Since my last post it has been raining almost non stop. Monday we were blessed with half of a day of beautiful sun so I jumped in the truck and headed to the nursery for some new things for the garden.  Two rose bushes, a jasmine and honeysuckle vine later, I was a happy girl! Of course it hasn't stopped raining long enough to plant them but I hear the weekend will be lovely.  I can't wait!

So while the thunder storms raged on, I cuddled in my magic chair with some chamomile tea and dreamed of Mermaids on sunny beaches and flower faeries in the gardens and forests...

It makes me happy to think of such fae things - there is enough harsh reality out there so why not indulge in a little fantasy for the soul?

Siren of Mystery

Today the coast is supposed to be clear of the storms so I am going to joy ride to Bandon by the Sea to do a little book shopping and maybe even Coos Bay to visit my friendly art store there.  I'm hoping there will be sun breaks so I can snap a few photos for you!

Jasper went to the vet again yesterday for his eye and got a big shot. He is feeling so much better today I feel o.k. to leave him outside while I go and play!

So adios amigo , I'm off... Don't forget to feed your soul with a little fantasy or two... or three...

Forever in art,

Jessica (JessiVille)