Saturday, May 7, 2011

In search of Mystical Mermaids

Good Saturday morning, my artistic beauties!  I've been busy in the studio and in my magic chair again this week.  We had 3 beautiful sunny days and now we are back to gray and rain.  It's o.k. though, I have finally seen the light of Spring and it is beautiful.  Of course now I'm pushing for Summer and warmth!

As some of you may have heard, Kristin over at Twinkle, Twinkle has posted a wonderful blog party for this Summer set to start on June 6th.  It's called "The Summer of Color" and I can't wait!   It's all about color with a new one chosen each week to prompt our artistic creations.  Well, you know I'm all about color so I will be participating enthusiastically!  Check out the blinking blog button at the left of my blog and pop on over there see the whole playful story!

As I began to long for the warmer days of Summer, I doodled up a mermaid girlie face from my imagination to share this week...

 Mystical Mermaid - enhanced
I would like to swim in a warm ocean along with her.  I'm sure she has some mystical secrets she would whisper in the currents...I must get closer and turn my ear her way...

Other artistic bumblings included the beginnings of a journal page...

The background was so heavily painted with acrylics and such that it was very hard to get my letters straight.  This was done on a crinkly brown paper grocery bag - that didn't help the lettering process either!  Not sure what else I will add to this yet.

I hope you all have fun finding your colorful art bliss this week.  I know I will!  Ooh I just peeked outside and I think my dark purple lilacs are starting to bloom.  Pics next week!

Music in the studio this week was the radio - lazy I know!

Forever in art,



Kristin said...

Kendra asked me this morning, "Mama (that's my favorite ;), are Mermaids real?" I need to show her this . . . I love the bubble wrap background - it's such a cool touch and looks almost digital. Fab!
AND Thank YOU SO MUCH for posting about the event! I am so grateful for your friendship and support - and it is getting a lot of interest, so should be so much fun - thank you for your help! xoxox

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Jessi ! Beautiful Enchanting Colourful ART works !!! LOVE THEM so much :D
Thanks for all those comments on my videos and encouraging me to keep going with it, I really appreciate it. I should have mentioned your name at the beginning of the video but my brain didn't function well cuz it was so early in the morning ;)
I'm in the process of making another video right now, so you can enjoy that later today :D
I'm addicted.. and becoming happier now ! xoxoxo

Maggie said...

LOve seeing what you create and imagine. Love it!

Cameron said...

The colors are just wonderful....the bright green lips, especially! So nice, Jess :D

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh YÉé an other creature to look in the eyes and wait for her voice telling me "every thing is all right"...I will go and see the link you gave for summer of color...I hope your sun will come back, mine is here today, since one week I didn't see his face...I am so happy and I will be working more in my studio and imagine you on your magical chair...have a nice day xxx

MeUpcycled said...

Loving the color and movement in the mermaid piece, Jess. You are embracing the energy of spring. Rock on!