Friday, February 15, 2013

Garden Girls

Hello Blogland!  It's been so long since I've posted it's embarrassing.  I just got so discouraged with Blogger freezing and deleting my followers.   If I am able to get back into the groove I will be starting a new blog site so that I can have followers again and know my blog friends are out there!

So here goes...  I've been arting like crazy all this time I have been away from blogworld.  Most recently I started an art journal called "My Garden Girlies" and here is a photo of one of them.

Garden Girlie from 1st Spread

She's done in a mixed media 9x12 art journal and rendered in prismacolor pencils.  The background was done with watercolor crayon and gesso over stamping and her dress is mixed media collage with colored pencil.  The paper buckled so I'm not too happy with the journal.  I should return to my hot press Fabriano watercolor paper I love so well but alas, I have started this one and will try to see it through.

Just to catch you up on the last 6 months or so, Mom's doing very well and so am I.  I spent a good part of my Summer and Fall organizing my house and garage and I'm still not finished - no big surprise there!  

The studio got re-organized too but is currently in a state of messiness.  That's because there is so much arting going on!  Ha!  Part of my issue is a rather large acrylic painting I started in the Fall that I haven't quite finished and seem to be a little disinterested in at the moment.  Of course it's another fairy.  I will be sharing her when she is finished - and that will be soon I hope!

My art is continuing to be a huge part of my life and realize it's growing larger and larger in importance to me.  I have started branching out into different mediums and subject matters although  fairies and mermaids are always making their enchanted presence known in my journals and canvases.  They seem to come to me most when I'm arting in my magic chair or prowling about in the forest and braving the cold windy Oregon coast.

They never cease to ease life's stresses for me and I will continue to share them here on my blog.  I hope they will ease your path too!

My song pick for the studio this week was:

Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway
Album - Me and my Gang
Forever in art,