Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's New Pussycat?

Hey all, what's up?  Well I've been trying to decide what to do with myself now that I'm giving M3 a break after all the mermaid drama.  Don't get me wrong, I love mermaids but I'm just a little tired of doing them now.  I want to loosen up and not think quite so much about where my paint is landing...

So, I'm going to face that pile of recycle paper, cardboard and painted canvas and see if I can turn it into a fun daily journal of sorts.

Painted papers, bags and extra messed up copies of stuff

smaller bits of painted canvas

Not too sure how I'm going to actually proceed so it will be a surprise to us all, lol!  I would like to do some sewing together of this stuff with some plain paper for journaling on too.  And, of course, make some covers out of my cheerio boxes... As you can tell, I'm still in the planning stages.  I'm hoping I can make it all come together into some fun journal representation of urban graffiti art recycling.

Or just whatever...! Ha! I was just thinking as I looked at the last photo, Your brain cells on a graffiti art diet...!

Stay tuned and I promise a fun ride.  Also stay tuned for my secret, "Art Attack in Calif." or "Gorilla art visits from Oregon jungle..."  (AAIC or GAVFOJ)  What?  I think this is my brain on graffiti spray paint, ha, ha, ha!

I always get goofier as I get close to going to So. Calif.  Finally I will be able to celebrate being artsy and a little different.  In spite of the beauty of the countryside here, the blaring fact remains that the locals are seriously lacking in originality and color.  I have yet to meet anyone here who seems to have a true passion for life as I know it.  Maybe that will change - I can always hope.

So, keep the light burning, the brushes moving and the paint cans spraying...

Forever in art, Jessica

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Princess of Tides Revealed!

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers!  Well, she's finally finished!  I will probably add a few more details but for now she is done.  I will be posting her on the Willowing Ning site as well for Tam's M3 class.  I know I've been seriously behind, heck, the class is over now and I still haven't started the fairy and unicorn painting(s)!

  The Princess of Tides

The lighting was horrible but I did the best I could.  She is much better "in person".

Here is a shot of her with a little less light shining on the metallics and mica flakes.

I think I'm going to be taking a break from these more detailed paintings and do some doodling and fun paint splashing in the studio next.  I still haven't put my recycled journal together yet so I will probably work a little on that too.

I will be making my short trip to So. California for my Dr.'s appts. in April and I am planning to do some gorilla art and possibly some graffiti as well.  Shhh, it's a secret - more on that later!

I will be posting again this weekend so meantime keep that pencil, pen, marker, brush or glue stick moving!

Forever in art, Jessica

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Hello and Happy Spring!  It has not been very spring-like here but at least some of the trees are starting to bloom.  This will be a short post and may seem like a repeat 'cuz I haven't not been doing much recently.  I'm just hanging out with my kitty and puppy and trying to relax after the last 2 harrowing months and doing my P.T. for my injuries.
A photo of the cherry plum tree again for Spring...

I am still limited on my typing and my art in the studio due to my hand and back.  Here is a recent progress photo of the Princess of Tides - slow going but another layer has been added to her.

The colors are not coming out quite right in the photo.  The background is an intense aqua green-blue with many layers and glazes.  The moon is pearlized and so are some of the layers of scales on her tail.  This piece is turning out to be a lot of work!  I will work on smoothing out her skin and adding her brows and more shading to her face along with more detail on her hands etc. Then her fins and finally her hair.  Still a long ways to go!

This piece is all about building with many layers.  I've used mostly white acrylic with the golden fluids for pigment color and some caran d'ache crayons and a lot of golden's clear acrylic glaze in satin finish.  The golden fluids are expensive but I use only tiny amounts along with the heavy-bodied acrylics so they last forever.  Oh, and have I mentioned I hate working on the wood?  As I wrestle with the awkward size, the sharp corners scratch my arms over and over.

I will take a break now from the typing and steam my yummy organic baby asparagus I got at my new favorite store in Eugene, Market of Choice.  It's a Spring-like thing to do...still too early here to buy flowers to plant.

Thank you all for your fun and lovely comments and chattiness!  I love it!

So, even though it may be raining, snowing or gray outside, you can always follow my lead by breaking out that wonderful bright color and painting something for Spring!

See you soon my little art fairies (and mermaids of course)!   Jessica

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mermaids and Sanity

Hello from my little insane asylum!  Boy, do I have cabin fever to the point of insanity.  I'm starting to feel a bit better and I finally was able to get into the studio long enough to do a little background work on my Princess of Tides.  I used a bit of sea sponge to apply layers of glaze to the water and the moon.  I can't wait to be able to get "in the zone" with her and really make some progress!

I completed another mermaid drawing while relaxing in the evenings... These little drawings really have been helping me from going completely insane. It is so relaxing to scribble a little here and there. Keeping my connection to art is absolutely necessary for my sanity. It's my life's blood!

Crazy things just keep on happening here. We had freak hail and tornado like winds yesterday - the worst we've had so far, and I lost a bit of my roof. Pieces of it were in my front yard and in the street. Hopefully they are coming to fix it this afternoon. We lost power during the onslaught and it was so dark out that there was nothing I could do but cuddle up by my little fireplace and wait out the storm. My kitty and puppy dog were so scared - I just tried to comfort them. It was over in a few hours. Another storm is coming in overnight and I'm hoping the roof holds.

I got a nice photo of my cherry plum tree blossoms before the wind hit... It was sunny and I was on the way to the store when the storm came in like a roaring demon.  Very bazaar!

I've got to go now and drive into Roseburg to do some banking and check on my parents.  My Dad is doing better and we are hopeful for more time with him!  When I get back I will do a little more on my Mermaid Princess. Yay!  I'm in zee mood for art!  Heck, I'm always in the mood for art!!!

As I work on her today, I will remember those in Japan who so need love and support through this horrific tragedy that has befallen them.  It's a little strange that I am working on my mermaid while remembering the tsunami's destruction.  Maybe I can think of her bringing soothing peace to the ocean and to those who are so devastated...

Until next time, keep the pencil and brush moving!

Forever in art,  Jessica

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flipping My Mermaid Tail

Howdy, howdy! I'm on the mermaid trail, flipping my mermaid tail...  Here's my latest sketch.  I've done her in pencil and charcoal on yummy thick grey 100% cotton rag paper.

Since my big mermaid painting is coming along so slowly (due to the wood absorbing the color too much even with the coat of gesso), I feel the need to keep the spirit of the mermaid alive.  I think I will do another mermaid sketch this week as well.  I'm still a bit uncomfortable in the studio due to my injuries from the auto accident so the sketching keeps me happy.

You know I like being able to sit in my big chair and putz on my sketching and doodling in the evenings.  I might even try a "Froud" fairy or two or the unicorn Tam wanted us to start last week...

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me such wonderful encouraging comments on my last posts!  I LOVE going and seeing what everyone else is doing on their blogs too - such creative juice flowing out there!

It's raining cats and dogs outside today - wish it was raining men...hallelujah!!!

Forever in art, Jessica

P.S.  I hope the mermaid boobies don't give me a "R" rating! LOL!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Princess of Tides

Hellooo, hellooo!  It's just me from my fantasy world of fairies, goddesses, angels, and mermaids!  My creative juices are really flowing today and I can't wait to get back into the studio.  

I have finished the sketch of my mermaid for Tam's M3 class.  She is on wood and will be finished off with a coat of beeswax (hopefully).  The size is 12" x 24".  I can't wait to start laying in the color and experience her playful vibe as she develops!

I have already named her, she is "the Princess of Tides"...  We were supposed to be using inspiration from Chagall but since he doesn't really inspire me, I'm off doing my own thing...  I am very excited about this mermaid.  It's my chance to try a little of my own technique and to use some fun products like the mica flakes from Golden.  I might add a bit of gold or silver leaf too.  I'm just going to go with the flow and see where it leads.

I finished my Mucha angel spread for Sharon L.  She is doing very well after her surgery and is looking forward to a healthy and speedy recovery!

I just added a bit of detail to her halo and finished off the background.  This photo doesn't show the writing, it was only penciled in at this point, but you can get the idea...

We had quite a bit of snow for us this last week.  This year is weird with the weather again.  I guess all of the U.S. has been experiencing unusual conditions.  Here is a photo of one of my garden ornaments... It was already melting off by the time I took this.  Beware the Ides of March - in like a lion...

So my Dears, stay warm and comfy and let the mermaids and fairies inspire you to create!  I can feel the fairies dancing about today, it's just so sparkly in here!!!

Forever in art,