Monday, September 19, 2011

As My World Turns...

Hi lovelies!  I hope this blog entry finds you all doing well and being creative!  Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement.  I must admit that I have been carrying a heavy burden regarding my family and it has put me off of my usual creative journey.  I've experienced one of the roughest weeks so far.  I also have not had the time to visit you all like I want to and that is making me grumpy as well.  I miss the time I usually spend enjoying your creative adventures and hearing what is up in your lives.

I am still working furiously on my studio and 2nd bedroom re-organization and decoration and I'm almost done with the studio!  All the tough heavy work is behind me now so I should be able to finish up in the next few days.  Of course I will be sharing pictures on my next post.  The wall color has not changed 'cuz I love it but almost everything else has.

As far as my arting goes, I worked on a loose-leaf journal page today and last night in my magic chair.  I could not get to some of my supplies so it is pretty simple.  It shows some of my current state of mind... I subscribe to open expression and embrace my motto -  journaling and arting saves!!!

Her Truth

I created the background with craft paint using my fingers and stamped script with charcoal ink. Then I started to do a pen and ink fairy then changed my mind and went for the graphite and watercolor pencils.  I found my Dymo label maker and used it for the first time since I moved here - lol!  It helps to clean, unpack and organize!  When I can get to all my supplies I will probably add a little color to her face and hair... 

Over the Tam's Willowing site,, Rhomany is offering a free course on creating and organizing your workspace.  She has posted allot of discussions already even though the course doesn't start until Oct. 1st.  Guess I jumped the gun with my make-over but I will be following along anyway.  She's got some great ideas on how to manage it all - it can be a daunting task for sure! 

Please keep on arting, my friends I think it just might keep us all sane - lol!

Forever in art,


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Summer heat has made me goofy!

Hello all you creative geniuses!  I know it's been a while but I've got a good excuse.  The heat has has finally pushed me over the edge, waha, ha, ha!  My art work has been so bad I can't bear to look at it let alone post it!  I swear, everything I try turns into a miserable failure lately.

There is another reason too.  I have a confession to make... Instead of taking a vacation and buying new summer clothes, I have treated myself like a princess and stocked my studio to bursting.  Obviously the added supplies have not helped my creativity and as I'm slower on the upswing than I used to be, the learning curve on those supplies is tripping me up a bit.  That's what happens when I get greedy and want all the new cool stuff.  So, it's back to the drawing board for me.  I was so anxious to use all the stuff at once I really made a mess.  It's hilarious actually, and proves a very good point.  You don't need all the fancy supplies to create good art!!!

So anyway, this is the best one of the bunch and as you can see, I didn't know whether I wanted to draw, doodle, paint or put my finger up my nose... YIKES!

Indian Summer Faerie

Or, fright night, I'm not sure which! LOL!  She is a hot mess but I had fun messing her up anyway.  I used so many different things.  Water soluble graphite, watercolor crayons and pencils, ink etc., etc...

This summer has been incredibly busy for me and I cannot wait for fall already.  I need some cooling, calming creative time in the studio and some time to rest my jangled nerves and get back into the artful bliss groove I love.  I'm pretty sure a lot of you are feeling the same way too! 

I am working right now on re-arranging and re-organizing the studio to accommodate the new addition of supplies, so when it's finished I will share photos with you.  I'm not re-painting, just re-doing the tables and storage and moving my desk and computer in as well.  I'm very excited about it.

I sure hope all of you are staying cool or warm - whichever time of year it is for you.  Keep that pencil, paintbrush or marker moving and we'll get together again real soon!

Music in the studio was oldies but goodies -  Credence Clearwater Revival, Journey, Fleetwood Mac.  I didn't make it to Duran Duran so that will be next week, lol!

Forever in art,


Friday, September 2, 2011

Of Trees and Bees and Art Journaling...

Hello my faithful art friends!  I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post or get around to all your blogs like I would normally do.  Life just got a little out of hand for me...

I really stretched myself physically with the tree project and have been suffering for it.  It is suffering for a good cause tho!  I was blessed with four strong boys on Monday who came to help finish the job of the privacy screen.  I have temporarily re potted the three Douglas fir trees, the leiland cypress and my Granny Smith apple tree to be planted at the end of this month after I harvest the 14 little apples on it.  I planted the blue spruce to the right of my studio window and can't wait for it to grow up enough to see it whilst I art.

I have been spreading the left over soil from the job on my front lawn to fill in all the holes and low spots.  I will sprinkle some seed and weed control and just wait to see what happens.  It's the best I am able to do on my own.

I have not had time to art much so I don't have any photos of finished art to share.  Just a shot of my journal spread I started yesterday and the trees for the privacy screen...

 Just background layers in my art journal...

 My worker bees...

Finished privacy screen...

This privacy screen was necessary for my sanity due to the fact that the owner of the house next door allowed a family of five to move into a tent in her backyard.  The guy walks around with no shirt and a huge butt crack hanging out and they spend allot of their time disciplining the kids with a belt.  I just needed some relief from the crazy loud working class element there.  They have quieted down a bit now that the dad is back to work and school has started.  I (and the neighborhood) can't wait until they move into a place of their own!!!  Yikes!  What a summer this has been!

I've been spending as much time away from home as I have been able to.  My Dad's condition is progressing, of course, so I'm spending more time there with Mom and Dad.  I can't wait to settle into fall and take time exploring the countryside with fall color.  My art studio is also screaming for my attention.  "Soon!", I shout back...

Forever in art,