Monday, April 2, 2012

In like a Lion, Out like a Lion

Helloooo...from the studioooo! Wow, March was a windy, wet, frozen weather catastrophe here. Spring seems to be getting wilder here every year.  It's o.k. though, more time to spend indoors in the studio painting and sketching to my little heart's content.  Actually, I do my sketching in my magic chair. (As most of you know already, hee, hee).

I'm finishing up my class with Jane D. and then promptly starting a new one with her as well.  She's an awesome teacher and talent.  What I love about her is her ability to identify with every level of artist from the very beginner to the more experienced. Her teaching works for everyone.

My most recent homework was inspired by my desire to connect with fairy tales and the vast amounts of wooded area here. Also, Jane did a video where she was sketching out in the woods...

"The Harbinger"
Beware little girl...Something wicked this way comes...

Just to let you all know, I've been experiencing Internet connection problems for a couple of weeks.  I apologize if I haven't responded to your comments or stopped by your blogs lately.  The cable company thinks they've got it fixed - we'll see.  It certainly has opened my eyes to how important the Internet and all my blog buddies are to me.  Know that you are very much appreciated and loved!

Keep those paint brushes flippin' baby!

Forever in art,