Friday, November 11, 2011

My alter ego - Butterfly Girl

Hello beautiful blog friends!  Just a quick post from the studio today...

A little while back in my journal I was thinking about taking Tam's course on Willowing to learn how do do whimsy and then I started thinking about comic book heroes.  One thing led to another and the next thing I know I was sketching out my alter ego, Butterfly Girl.  (That magic chair surprises me sometimes.)

At first I thought, "Butterfly Girl?"  A little simple but I decided I liked it.  So then a couple of days ago I took a scrap of old 90lb hot press w/c paper and sketched her out again.  I tried using my colored pencils again but it just wasn't working for me.  So today I messed around with w/c pencils, pastels and w/c crayons but now it's a bit of a mess plus I ran out of room on the side.  So, I've sketched her again and I'm just going to try copic markers and see what happens.  I think I need to take Tam's course, the Wonderful World of Whimsy!!!

Secretly I have wanted to try my hand at a little comic book, or graphic novel, and I bought a Bamboo Craft tablet to try as well.  There is nothing like biting off more than you can chew!!!

Only time will tell what will become of Butterfly Girl!

Music in the studio:  Five for Fighting - America Town CD, Superman (It's not easy)

I hope you are all enjoying the glorious fall colors, I sure am!

Forever in art,


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here She comes again...

Hello-o-o from the studio-o-o!  Just in case you didn't get enough of my Goddess from Willowing's class back from the first of this year, here she is again.  She's finally finished!  Hooray the Goddess is done!  She just keeps coming back around like that mouldy fruitcake from Xmas - ha!

It is true that my life really wasn't my own for most of this year and many of my projects still remain undone.  So, I am glad to have finally finished one of the big ones!!!

 Goddess Now...

Goddess before...

I thoroughly enjoyed working on her again after all this time.  I think I will be revisiting my Mermaid painting as well but not for a while - I need to create anew!

I must admit to being very tired and overwhelmed so my muse is but a whisper.  Alas, a whisper is better than total silence so I will go with that!

My magic chair has been a hostess to my idea journal as of late and I've been coming up with a lot of fun ideas - we'll see if I can actually get some of them off the ground as I work on recuperating.

Thanks for sticking with me my friends!!!  Your comments make me feel like I'm not so alone with my heavy heart and it's lovely to know you are all still creating and sharing of yourselves - I am trying too!  Please forgive me for not answering all your comments - I'm still catching up and will be around more soon.

Music in the studio this week: DVD's    The Band Perry
                                                       Taylor Swift - Fearless
                                                       Taylor Swift - Speak Now

So, keep your fingernails dirty with bright colors under them and I will too!

Forever in art,