Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm back and brighter than ever!

Hello my creative peeps!  I am finally back from my trip to California and am recovering from it nicely.  It did take some time to get my hands working again, of course my left one will never be fully recovered.  I am now able to continue with my art journal project and I have the pictures to prove it.

As I had mentioned, I flipped the journal cover inside out and did some really bright art on it.  I'm so craving these bright summery colors!

I used craft paint to paint and stencil the journal covers then added my girlie art to the front with gel medium and colorful paper tapes and masking tape.  This was so fun to do!  I enhanced some areas with bright prisma colored pencils using a very heavy hand.  I will add some writing and details in black.  My next post will show more detailed pictures of the finished cover.

Also I did yet another doodle girlie to put in this summery up-cycled journal...

"Summer of Love"

She was done my usual way with a black liner pen and prisma colored pencils enhanced with some neon and white gelly roll gel pens.  The colors on the original art are actually brighter than the photo here.

Yesterday I bought bright neon cerise and metallic sparkle chartreuse nail polishes.  I did my toes in the cerise and my fingers in the bright neon limey chartreuse.  I cannot wait for Summer!  We have had a cold, wet, gray spring so far and I am sick of it!!!  All of my art has been very bright to combat this depressing weather.

Art bombing update:  Due to the very short nature of my trip and the presence of too many curious eyes, the graffiti art bombing has been postponed!  I did try but conditions were not ideal.  I will look for another opportunity in the future.  I have put my graffiti tote in my truck so it will be handy for a quick hit.  I have also decided to do stickers as they are more environmentally friendly and not permanently damaging.  More to come in the future on this idea of street art.

It's only 11:00 and we are losing the tiny bit of sun we had to a new storm that's rolling in.  I must go out and fire up my John Deere lawn tractor and mow the south 40 before the rain hits!

Think "Bright" and color up some cheerful art or Easter eggs to share this week!  Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Forever in art,  Jessica


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Hi, Jessica !! Glad you're back :0)
Too bad the graffiti bombing didn't happen.. hm!
The bright colors of your journal cover lifts me up and I Love it ! It's been rainy here too but the sun's shining now and there's a very warm breeze... almost don't need any jacket.. Hope it stays this way... Missed you, still miss you, so I'll be hopping here often :)))))

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh YÉéééééé....I like those bright colors, they make the sun shine here too...It is cold, we have receive a lot of snow again this week, one feet...the school were I was feeling depress a bit, the cold is past away and I have done some art...Alexanne is here for easter vacation till you as soon as possible...I alway have joy in my heart when I come to see your blog...Hope you will have more sun now after the bad weather...It is a good idea to fight with are so talentuous!!!xxx

linda said...

Welcome back! I've missed your blogs whilst you have been away. Love the journal cover and of course your Summer of Love gal. You have such a distintive style, it is always so uplifting and vibrant.

Happy Easter!

Nessa said...

those bright colors are really perfect for a journal.... And i really love what you create!

Kristin said...

Oooh, it's just stunning! I love her - and will wait for another opportunity to see your rebellion in action . . . sigh . . .Happy homecoming ;) xo

MeUpcycled said...

LOVING those bright colors and the new doodle girlie, Jess! Panting with bright colors always lifts my mood.

Thought of you...CNN online recently posted an article on a graffiti artist in Atlanta whose signature is a cat. (CatLanta, perhaps?) He makes street art cat magnets and hides them all over the city. Fun, eco friendly, and also property friendly (since, after, all they're magnets.) His items have become very popular there and have inspired urban scavenger hunts among his collectors.

Looking forward to seeing more of your new journal,

Karen (typing with blue nails)

Kristin said...


Emakesart said...

I love the bright summery colors!!! So fun and uplifting! And you girlie is gorgeous... of course! I'm glad you got back home safe and sound. Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

I too am so happy you're back safe and sound. Your Summer of Love is very enchanting. I can't help but smile when I look at all those vibrant colors. Keep inspiring me Jessica!
Also,Thank you for your "sweet" comment re: my glitter cupcakes.

Kristin said...

Hey Baby Face!!
I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comments - sorry for the delay in response, I was away for a few ;)
I want you to know that my husband LOVES your work - I am always showing him your art and he is a fan! xoxo