Sunday, December 18, 2011

Solstice Angel for the Holidays

I want to wish each and every one of my blog buddies and blog browsers a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday!!!

Solstice Angel

Solstice Angel was done in my magic chair (studio still out of commission, lol) with pastel and graphite on hot press watercolor paper.  Wasn't real crazy about the graininess of the shading so I will try a pastel paper next time.  I'm also  working on a girlie face done in caran d'ache watercolor crayon exclusively too.  It's harder than using the titanium white acrylic paint with it like Tam taught us over at (see sidebar).

A quick update on Mom - She is improving steadily and will be starting physical therapy after the holidays. I think she will do great!  Thank you all for wishing her a speedy recovery!

Forever in art,


Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Standard Issue" in progress

Good morning bloggers and friends!  Today finds me working on my unorganized household.  Got a major start yesterday and hope to have it under control by the holiday. 

I did manage to do a girlie from my comfortable seat in the magic chair.  I started with a simple water colored background thrown together in the studio then just drew over it with a black "stabilo all" pencil and added pastels and watercolor pencils - smoothing it with a small water brush.  Those little water brushes are the bomb for working outside the studio. 

She's not that interesting but I'm planning on adding some collaging layers and journaling to her.   Right now I call her "standard issue jessi..." ha!  Really been struggling with the creativity lately and my unorganized mess isn't helping.  So, I'm heading back into the studio to clean!!!

I'm not decorating for the holidays as Mom is unable to walk still after her fall on Thanksgiving and we will be spending our time at the doctors and rehab this season.  (Oh joy.)  She is now staying with friends which has freed me up a little this week to get caught up around here.  This year has sure set us back.  I am so ready for a fresh new year!

Looking forward to seeing what you are all up to this Christmas - that is if you have a chance to post!

Stay tuned for more adventures from butterfly girl too!

Forever in art,


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adventures with Owlet

Hello my artsy blog buddies!  Yes, I'm still here.  Butterfly Girl has been away saving the world again.  Really, she's saving my world.

I've been sooooo busy I don't have any new art to share with you but I have some photos of my adventures with Owlet, coffee cozy.  I got this cool cozy from my Friend Cameron who created and stitched him up in felt (see her fabulous Etsy shop!). 

I've been sharing him with all the hipsters at my favorite Dutch Bros. and they love him!

That day I had a rare 2 hrs. or so to play before reality set back in again so Owlet and I went searching for Edward and Bella in the forest.  It was such a "Twilight" kind of day.  Dark out and a little spooky with a misty rain falling - my imagination took over...

Oh, and by the way Cam, Jasper dog loves him too!  He sneaks him out of my purse, nuzzles him and then gently places him back by my bag.  He has never done anything like that before.  He does it over and over.  Silly dog, he loves Owlet too!

What little time I've had in the studio has been spent on making some less than spectacular Christmas cards.  I sure hope things will settle down so I can have quality time in the studio again soon!  Meanwhile, I have kept a close bond with Butterfly Girl and she has had an adventure or two with Owlet as her sidekick that I will share later on another post.  Currently she is saving the world by gently insisting we all recycle.  So I've been making all kinds of recycle journal signatures and cutting out cereal box covers for them.  More on that next time...

In the studio this week I cued up my favorite Christmas music -  Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan, and I've got a few new CD's to spin later this week too.

Ring those sleigh bells and keep arting my friends!

Forever in art,