Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Helloooo from the Studioooo!

Hello all!  I hope you've had a good week so far.  I'm still adjusting to the winter-like conditions here, trying to continue to get out and about for inspiration.  I will be doing my favorite thing today besides art...exploring the countryside and becoming closer to nature.

I have been doing more fairy doodles and imagining the energy nature fairies would have this time of year.  I hope to portray that feeling in my upcoming fairy doodles and paintings.  I spent time doing summer garden  fairies this week.  I was not wanting to let go of the sun!

My summer nature fairy in progress...

This doodle still needs a little work and I want to journal and do a bit more graffiti on the background.  I added a little glitter but it doesn't show up in this photo. 

I have put together another art journal to paint in.  I used  140lb. hot press watercolor paper of course!  I will fill it with paintings and my journalings of nature, imagined and real.  It will be magical don't you think?  I will start sharing it hopefully by this weekend.

I am also doing work on a handmade illustrated blank art journal project using the wonderful Fabriano Artistico Hot press watercolor paper and I want to open an Etsy shop to promote it.  It's a little scary to think about putting myself out there so soon after just starting my blog.  I'm still a little unsure.  Do you  think I should just go for it? 

Stay warm, my artsy friends, and keep those creative fires burning!

Music in the studio this week was Blondie and Miranda Lambert...

Forever in art,  Jessica


Liette alias Pixelle said...

if your nature fairy could help to keep the sun here too, I would be so winter, no cold days, no snow...but I really adore that drawing of nature fairy anyway...
it is a great idea to offer your art journal to sell on etsy shop...!!!
You will feel so good when it will be will know with certitude...just realize how your dreams come true...and do like if it was done!!!

MeUpcycled said...

Go for it, Jess!

Sharon::SkiesArt said...

great job..... love the colors, very inviting
and uplifting. I like that you put the music
you are listening to... great tunes.

I say open your etsy shop! yes go for it.

Kittyj said...

YES YES YES!!! Open your Etsy shop! I will tell the old man to Christmas shop there - yes!?
Love the fairy!
(Thanks so much for your well wishes!!! :)

Sharon Lingren said...

As your closest friend and biggest fan, YES!!!!! It's about damm time!!! I've been trying to tell you forever, DON'T HOLD YOURSELF BACK!!!! Your art is wonderful!!