Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art Journals Revisited

I thought that this week I would do some reflection on some of my art journals I have started but not added to in a while and indulge myself in doing yet another doodle girl. A garden muse, floral fairy...

This is the cover of the journal I made in Traci Bautista's Dream Big e-class.  It is the artwork I used for my blog banner too.  I am adding to it again, putting down my ideas and listing my short term and long term goals.  I doodled these little frames and will be working with them in photoshop.  Of course, I'm photoshop challenged but I'm learning slowly!

The weather has been so fickle this week.  First sunny with record highs in the 70's and then very cold with torrential rain.  Earlier in the week I was doing a bit of exploring and stumbled across a beautiful reservoir just 8 miles from my house.  I've been here over 2 1/2 years and I never knew it was there.  

The day was gorgeous so I took the pup down to the waters edge. He did not like that! He had never experienced anything like it before in his short life. 

I'm still not used to being so totally alone - I was the only person there.  After living in the greater Los Angeles area, this new life of mine is a complete 180.  At first it was cool.  Wow! all this to enjoy without the noisy crowds.  But then it became a sharp reminder of how truly alone I am now.

Well, I must forge ahead...  Started another journal page last night and hope to share it with you in a few days.

I'm am thankful that today we are seeing a bit of sun and I'm off for a bit of exercise with the dog at the reservoir.

Artfully yours,  Jessica


Liette alias Pixelle said...

hello Jessica...your garden muse is as nice as your mermaid...totaly magical, i want one like this in my studio for inspiration!!!
you are right, that quiet place is perfect for a ride, relax and take a walk with your seems that he didn't appreciate the water hi hi hi...he is so cute... i will wait to see your other journal page...see you later!!

Kristin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it - and so admire that you are still working on the journal - I was thinking about that this morning - you are an inspiration! And your Muse is stunning! I love here eyes and all the detail in the hair (love those things sticking out - can't remember the name) - very clever, xo

violette said...

i just adore your Dream big journal and your muse! You are so talented.....hey i wonder if you would consider making a booklet like that with the floral embellishment on the side so that folks can work inside their own dream big journal.......just a thought.

THanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words.
love, violette xo

Kristin said...

Thank YOU!
I really loved making the little monster, but am also behind as I skipped the cover and celebration pages so that I could get to it . . . sigh . . . well, maybe one day - I'm so eager to see what tomorrow brings, xoxo