Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back in the studio again...

Hi ya all!

Yes, I'm back in the studio again - la, la, la.  This last week I made an art journal out of my favorite paper, Fabriano watercolor hot press 140 lb.  I made 4 thin signatures and bound it simply with 20 lb natural hemp cord.

Then I proceeded to join Willowing and friends on Ning  and do Tam's wonderful free e-course "Art, Heart and Healing".  The class focuses on transforming our inner critic. 

Lesson 1 deals with creating a self portrait portraying yourself any way you like on the right side of the journal page spread.  On the left side you write in pencil all negative inner critic thoughts you have that hold you back from your dreams.  This can be anything you don't like about yourself or are insecure about. 

Then as you move forward through the exercise you cover the negative thoughts with a couple of coats of gesso, thus erasing those bad thoughts and self doubt. 
After you finish your portrait and the background you add the positive words to heal your heart and then choose one word to portray yourself and your spread and add it to the portrait.  Tam chose to add her word under her eye.  I put mine to the side.
Most of the gallery entries I noticed were done in more of a fantasy style than mine was.  Maybe I'll branch out more next time.
In progress
 The lighting was a bit harsh on these so I took some in a lower light.
Much softer!

Anyway, there it is in all it's glory.  While I didn't choose to do wildly colored hair I did make myself prettier than I really am!  I didn't spend much time on the background either - I was ready to be done!   I have started another sketch of myself in my late teens/early 20's.  I felt I could use some healing for that time in my life too.

My other projects in the studio were to do the vigil candles suggested by Violette on her blog (in my blog listing at the right).  I purchased the plain white ones at the dollar store and then designed a label from one of my doodle mermaids.  Then I added just a little bit of stickles glitter glue.

Little doodle mermaid girlies all in a row!

I really should have taken more time with this project but again I was ready to be done.  I don't know why I'm not enjoying my processes a little more other than I started my big diet (yay!) and it is quiet the adjustment period.   The project I enjoyed the most was constructing the art journal!

Well, hopefully I'll be out of my diet funk and feeling freer by the next blog post!

Music in the studio this week was Colbie Caillat's Coco.

Forever in art,  Jessica


MeUpcycled said...

Beautiful portrait, Jess! I love the mermaid candles, too.

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh wow wow wow....and again marvelous so (I need to create a new world to express my emotion when i look at your self portrait...You are talentuous Jessica, a real know how to transfer you emotion trough your paint...i adore the choice of your color....and also...the candle is fantastic...don't say they are no...they are so beautiful!!! I am in love with your mermaid....thanks to share your

Kristin said...

OH!!! This is so beautiful! Your work is just stunning - I love your painting / page for Willow's class - it really took my breath away! xo

CarrieEllen ArtStudio said...

Oh so fun!! :)

Sharon Lingren said...

I love your self portrait and the idea of the exercise. This class sounds like alot of fun. But you're wrong about your painting being prettier than you are! You are a beautiful person inside and out! And yes, I am biased. I love the way you put the orb/bubble in your hand. Your art has alot of your soul in it. Beautiful!!!