Thursday, March 24, 2011

Princess of Tides Revealed!

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers!  Well, she's finally finished!  I will probably add a few more details but for now she is done.  I will be posting her on the Willowing Ning site as well for Tam's M3 class.  I know I've been seriously behind, heck, the class is over now and I still haven't started the fairy and unicorn painting(s)!

  The Princess of Tides

The lighting was horrible but I did the best I could.  She is much better "in person".

Here is a shot of her with a little less light shining on the metallics and mica flakes.

I think I'm going to be taking a break from these more detailed paintings and do some doodling and fun paint splashing in the studio next.  I still haven't put my recycled journal together yet so I will probably work a little on that too.

I will be making my short trip to So. California for my Dr.'s appts. in April and I am planning to do some gorilla art and possibly some graffiti as well.  Shhh, it's a secret - more on that later!

I will be posting again this weekend so meantime keep that pencil, pen, marker, brush or glue stick moving!

Forever in art, Jessica


Micki Wilde said...

She's wonderful, her tail is gorgeous!!

Louise said...

Beautiful Jess! I love the shine - and you seem to have achieved it with the moonshine in her hair, not just with the mica tail. And actually my favourite part of her tail is the end which I think is subtly gorgeous.

Maggie said...

She's amazing... I totally know what you mean about taking a break from detailed paintings and wanting to splash paint around. Gorilla art and Graffiti, too fun.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

So very beautiful & gorgeous ! I wish I knew about 1000 words that are similar to beautiful & gorgeous to tell you how amazing this painting is =) Well... you heard it from my heart that it is !
So beautiful, Jessica ! Hope you have loads of fun with the secret ;)

linda said...

She is truly wonderful! Her hair reminds me of the Botticelli venus painting.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Hi, Jessica, again ! =)
I'm so glad you liked my journal page inspired by the poem.. it is an amazing poem, isn't it? If you have time and interested, check out this painting and poem I've done last year.. this one is very inspiring, pinching heart poem too.

xoxoxo !

WrightStuff said...

Worth the wait Jessica. The tail is particularly beautiful and all that golden hair.... she's just lovely! I haven't done my unicorn yet either - don't worry!! I did finally manage a 'sort of' fairy this week though.

Sharon::SkiesArt said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!!
I love everything about her!

Janet said...

She's beautiful!! I love her's always the hardest part for me to paint.

Kristin said...

Oooh, do tell about your gorilla arting!!! Can't wait!
And let me tell you - this work is absolutely stunning. So beautiful and so elegant! I LOVE her hair and the metallics within it and the gorgeous pink tail and those mica flakes and her face is absolutely stunning. I think that the details you incorporate into your work is amazing.
I am forever impressed.xoxo

Kristin said...

Thank you friend! ;) xoxo

MeUpcycled said...

Another great piece, Jess! I love the effect with the mica flakes.

Are you planning on tagging your doctor's office? LOL! ; )

Blissful Pumpkin said...

I'm glad you got her finished Jess. She looks great. =D

Cameron said...

Hi Jessica...
Met you on Willowing and now following you here!

Fun stuff on this little bloggy of yours :)
Coming to So. Cal, huh? We take a trip up to Oregon every year...can't wait to go back this Summer!

Your mermaid is still gorgeous, btw :D