Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Hello and Happy Spring!  It has not been very spring-like here but at least some of the trees are starting to bloom.  This will be a short post and may seem like a repeat 'cuz I haven't not been doing much recently.  I'm just hanging out with my kitty and puppy and trying to relax after the last 2 harrowing months and doing my P.T. for my injuries.
A photo of the cherry plum tree again for Spring...

I am still limited on my typing and my art in the studio due to my hand and back.  Here is a recent progress photo of the Princess of Tides - slow going but another layer has been added to her.

The colors are not coming out quite right in the photo.  The background is an intense aqua green-blue with many layers and glazes.  The moon is pearlized and so are some of the layers of scales on her tail.  This piece is turning out to be a lot of work!  I will work on smoothing out her skin and adding her brows and more shading to her face along with more detail on her hands etc. Then her fins and finally her hair.  Still a long ways to go!

This piece is all about building with many layers.  I've used mostly white acrylic with the golden fluids for pigment color and some caran d'ache crayons and a lot of golden's clear acrylic glaze in satin finish.  The golden fluids are expensive but I use only tiny amounts along with the heavy-bodied acrylics so they last forever.  Oh, and have I mentioned I hate working on the wood?  As I wrestle with the awkward size, the sharp corners scratch my arms over and over.

I will take a break now from the typing and steam my yummy organic baby asparagus I got at my new favorite store in Eugene, Market of Choice.  It's a Spring-like thing to do...still too early here to buy flowers to plant.

Thank you all for your fun and lovely comments and chattiness!  I love it!

So, even though it may be raining, snowing or gray outside, you can always follow my lead by breaking out that wonderful bright color and painting something for Spring!

See you soon my little art fairies (and mermaids of course)!   Jessica


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Jessica, Get TONS of Rest !!! I'll save all my chatting for later to give you relaxed time LOL
:) xoxoxoxoxo

Maggie said...

Hi Jessica, There's something incredibly calming about your paintings. I just love viewing your work. Thank you!

linda said...

Jessica, She is looking beautiful, her eyes seem to draw you in, obviously going to be a mermaid with seductive powers! It's interesting you talk about all the layers you are putting down, this is something I just cannot get to grips with, but admire people who use this technique.

Maggie said...

Hi Jessica, Today I received a Liebster award from a fellow blogger and to pay it forward I now give the award to you. Check the info out on my blog. Thanks so much for always inspiring me!