Monday, March 14, 2011

Mermaids and Sanity

Hello from my little insane asylum!  Boy, do I have cabin fever to the point of insanity.  I'm starting to feel a bit better and I finally was able to get into the studio long enough to do a little background work on my Princess of Tides.  I used a bit of sea sponge to apply layers of glaze to the water and the moon.  I can't wait to be able to get "in the zone" with her and really make some progress!

I completed another mermaid drawing while relaxing in the evenings... These little drawings really have been helping me from going completely insane. It is so relaxing to scribble a little here and there. Keeping my connection to art is absolutely necessary for my sanity. It's my life's blood!

Crazy things just keep on happening here. We had freak hail and tornado like winds yesterday - the worst we've had so far, and I lost a bit of my roof. Pieces of it were in my front yard and in the street. Hopefully they are coming to fix it this afternoon. We lost power during the onslaught and it was so dark out that there was nothing I could do but cuddle up by my little fireplace and wait out the storm. My kitty and puppy dog were so scared - I just tried to comfort them. It was over in a few hours. Another storm is coming in overnight and I'm hoping the roof holds.

I got a nice photo of my cherry plum tree blossoms before the wind hit... It was sunny and I was on the way to the store when the storm came in like a roaring demon.  Very bazaar!

I've got to go now and drive into Roseburg to do some banking and check on my parents.  My Dad is doing better and we are hopeful for more time with him!  When I get back I will do a little more on my Mermaid Princess. Yay!  I'm in zee mood for art!  Heck, I'm always in the mood for art!!!

As I work on her today, I will remember those in Japan who so need love and support through this horrific tragedy that has befallen them.  It's a little strange that I am working on my mermaid while remembering the tsunami's destruction.  Maybe I can think of her bringing soothing peace to the ocean and to those who are so devastated...

Until next time, keep the pencil and brush moving!

Forever in art,  Jessica


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Oh My Jessica !
1. Your roof fell off???? That's really scary... I hope it doesn't do much damage and hopefully the storm went far far away !!!

2.Your Mermaid drawings are making my chin completely fall out !!! LOL They are so Glamorous and Gorgeous !!!

3. I know what you mean about the "Zone".. oh I just love that zone... so don't get scared if you ever hear my voice while you're in that zone LOL

I sound insane... better do some ARTs for my sanity !! hehehe I wish you a great week !

chatty chatty Sung-Hee

Maggie said...

So sorry to here about the weather Hope the worst is over. Things have been knda crazy latey. Think Mother Nature needs to take a break. Thanks for sharing your progress on your beautiful mermaid. Can't believe you started another. That's awesome!

Kristin said...

I can just picture you and your dog and cat holding out by the fire! Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that - it must have been so scary - I hope that you have a good night tonight . . .
And your Princess of Tides and new mermaid are so striking - you have so much to share - I love your work and am so happy when I'm here. I hope your parents are doing well and that your roof makes it ;) xoxoxo

Jessie said...

It's dreadful the disasters that are happening at the moment. I look out of the window on this beautiful sunny day we have here and know how very lucky I am and how easily life can change in a second.
Your mermaids are wonderful! I'm enjoying watching your process. :) xx

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Jessica, please check your email from me, I need your address =)

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh my impress by your mermaid again and again...too much beauty, the movement in the second one, I can guess the texture...the hair are amazing....
I was thinking of you when I saw at the tv that you will have bad time....ichhhhh...a part of your roof is going, the noise must be incredible too...
Hope it was the last one for you, wind but not as strong next time please for my friend!!
they will listen to sure of it..hi hi hi..
happy to see that you are in your zone and are able to go in your studio and forget a bit the outside is good for you to stay tune with that part of you...
bisous xxx

linda said...

Gosh it must have been really scary having the roof go like that. Even more so with two animals who don't know what is happening.
Your mermaids are lovely and the line work is superb as always.
Are they Golden fluid acrylics in the picture, I love these but find them a little expensive for everyday use, but then your work is so good it is worth it.

Kristin said...

Thanks Jess!
I hope your Dad and mermaid ;) are doing well! xoxo

Emakesart said...

Oh, I hope the weather has calmed down for you!! Wow.

Your mermaids are amazing...I can't believe all the detail on the drawing! The tail and seaweed...wowee!! Gorgeous!!

Oooh.... I LOVE when trees are full of blossoms! I just posted a photo of funny!

Hey... did you cut your hair, or was it this short before? It's very cute.


Micki Wilde said...

Beautiful mermaid, fabulous detail!!

So sorry to hear about your roof in the bad weather, I hope it holds out for you, give the doggy and kitty a hug from me, my doggy hates bad weather(amusing really as his name is storm) :)

Micki x