Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking forward to the New Year

Hello creative souls!  Happy New Year! 

As the new year dawns let me just say that I'm not a big fan of new year's resolutions.  It's not that I don't think I will succeed, it's that I don't like to use specific dates as markers for how I live my life.  I like to choose the right time to set goals by how I feel not because it is a certain date.  Back in October, I started my big healthy diet and I have been doing great.  The holidays were hell to get through with all the food temptations, but I did it!  And earlier this month I met my first goal.

There are some new goals I would like to focus on in 2011.  I want to work on connecting my head with my heart.  I find that I make a lot of  decisions with only my head and then later I'm left feeling empty, unhappy or holding a handful of sour grapes.  
Logically it may have seemed like the best choice, but I didn't take the time to check how my heart felt about it.

The reality is that I'm still stumbling around trying to find my way on this solitary journey and I want to make better choices that will help me become more balanced and happy.

So as far as "resolutions" go, here are my goals for the new year ahead:
1)  Connect my head with my heart, even with the little things.

2)  Continue my path toward good health.

3)  Do more art and take more art classes!
4)  Continue to feed my spirit with focusing on the beauty of living creatively.

5)  Avoid shallow, empty people that try to make me feel I'm less than enough. That includes those who are laced up too tight! 

6)  Dance and celebrate that I am Woman!

And now, here is what I am thankful for today...  I am thankful that I finished my grocery shopping without yielding to the temptation to purchase a bag of Smarties candies!

Do you have some goals you'd like to work towards in the beautiful new year?

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with warm and fuzzies.  Next post, more art stuff!!!

My finished journal spread from my last post...

Well I must go, I can't sit here any longer 'cuz Jasper the pup is farting too much in his sleep!!!

Forever in art,  Jessica 


apinkdreamer said...

hi again!!!wonderful blog and amazing art!!!!

Liette alias Pixelle said...

I adopt your goals for that new year too...
you make me laugh with the last sentence about jasper hi hi hi...too much...I can smell it here hi hi hi...

Sharon Lingren said...

I agree with the resolution thing. I don't make them either. I prefer to access and adapt as I go. I love your girlie! I like the way you have her angled and I love the purple hair. The more color the better!

Holly Eva Gay said...

HI Jess
Life does seem pretty Difficult for you No Good Darlin.
blogging: I still havent worked out the program to blogg - my blogg is a shocker :)
I do facebook I find it easy but I am working on a website cause I want to sell my necklaces.
your Blogg is
Love the big scaley freak who Loves yah art!