Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Poinsettia Fairy Doodle

Here she quickie, in front of the T.V. holiday fairy doodle. 

I wish her eyeshadow would have shown up more - she's better in person.

I don't usually color in the faces of my doodles, letting the background color dictate the fairy's face color.  But since I've been having such a fun time practicing Tam's (Willowings) techniques I just had to do the face.  It was a real challenge 'cuz this was done on inexpensive paper and it wasn't holding up well to the paint and water.

She was truly a mixed medium endeavor.  I used graphite, black ink copic multiliner, gel pens, prisma colored pencils, caran d'ache watercolor crayons, gesso, acrylic craft paint and golden fluid acrylics.  Yikes!  Just about every kind of medium I own.  It was an experiment to see how well these things worked together.  The pen work over the watercolor crayons is not recommended!

I've decided I'd like to do a more elaborate holiday fairy so stay tuned and we'll see what develops!

This is looking out of the window of a little diner in Bandon By the Sea where I was doing some christmas shopping at my usual favorite - Winter River Books.  I was planning to take more pictures but the gale force winds came in and it was blowing rain so badly I cut my shopping short.  Maybe next time... 60 to 80 mile an hour winds are not uncommon in the spring and winter there.  It was a long drive home that day!

Music in the studio this week is:  Sheryl Crow's - Home for Christmas   Love, Love, Love it!

Keep the spirit bright!

Forever in art,  Jessica


Kristin said...

She is REALLY stunning!!!! I LOVE the hair and her face is beautifully enhanced with the color - I am really impressed, xoxo

Kristin said...

Thank you! It has been fun to do them - and I know that our blogs are records of time too - so I love the idea of seeing what I did later in life. I will post the tree today or tomorrow. Hope you are happy and well, xoxoxox