Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is Here!

Good morning, good morning!  Spring is finally here!  Everything is in glorious bloom (almost everything).  It is still very chilly and we are having our share of rain, hail and bits of snow but the sun is starting to win out over it.

It has put me in the best mood and I have decided to go forward with my plans for my organic garden.  It's all very exciting for me even tho it will be a ton of work.  I had a landscape contractor meet with me yesterday to give me some pointers and to help me realize this dream.  It will be a small garden but for me it is a huge step in furthering my dream.

The biggest excitement of all is the new barn like art studio I am having built next to the garden.  I have already been flea market shopping to find fun things for this project that aren't expensive.  My budget is pretty tight so I scoop up inexpensive vintage finds when I can.  The pickings are pretty slim here but that's o.k. I have a lot of junk already, lol!

As I work on redesigning this blog, I will share progress reports and of course, new art.  For my art offering this blog post, here is a photo of my mixed media garden girlie I have framed for my studio wall.  She's 11 x 14 inches and I think I used a bit of everything in my studio supplies to create her.

I started with 300 lb. watercolor HP paper and collaged the background with bits of decorative papers, acrylic paint and gesso.  I did her face in color pencil and her hair in watercolor pencil.  Her dress is scrapbook paper, the collar is a paper lace doily and she has a fabric flower at her throat.

Well I'm off to fill my hanging basket by my front door with red geraniums.  I hope they will be hardy enough to last through the next few Spring storms.

Enjoy your Spring arting and maybe add a bit of dirt to the paint under your nails! (We will be twins!)

Forever in art,



Liette alias Pixelle said...

hi is very nice to see you having new painting...she is adorable nice and the colors are awesome...I still have been so busy with my class with Alisa....will contact you as soon as I will be alone at home....bisous xxx

WrightStuff said...

Spring sure aint here.... everything is covered in several inches of unseasonable snow!!

What a pretty girl you've created - she brings some Spring to me at least!

Cameron said...

I was just reading your Fairy Name on your sidebar and was thinking how in keeping it is with this post....haha!

Love all the creative energy and fresh beginnings enthusiasm happening around here :)

Jenny said...

Your garden girl is absolutely adorable Jessi... she is a stunner... and so happy for you... a new studio... and organic garden... both sound fabulous and exciting... wishing you a wonderful weekend...

Jenny ♥