Saturday, August 20, 2011

Forest Murmurings...

Hellooo from my studiooo...!  I hope this post finds you all doing well and arting to your hearts content.  

This is the latest painting I've done -

Forest Faerie

Forest Murmurings

Who softly treads these forest floors
And casts her charms to gentle wind,

Cause rustle of the turning leaves
When stretching velvet mossy wing,

By deadwood tree in quiet grove
A single bird begins to sing,

Of faerie tale by evening's light,
The moon's full glow in silver bring,

Enchanting visions fade to mist...
The forest sighs in echos ring.

                               -Jessica Watson

The painting is mixed media on 12 x 16 canvas in mostly acrylic. I built the layers with decorative papers, antique book pages and vintage maps. Below her I've included the poem I wrote that inspired this work... 

I've been spending allot of time out of doors and wanted to share a bit of my art it inspired.  I hope you've enjoyed the little bit of fantasy I've brought to this blog post.
Additionally this post is dedicated to all the huge old trees that gave their lives up this week at the whim of misguided townsfolk and changed our beautiful vistas forever...from glorious green to desolate bleakness.
In response to such nonsense,  I've just purchased 9 new trees and will be transplanting 5 smaller ones ready for life in the solid earth.  My mom also gave me a tiny giant redwood volunteer from the huge one in her yard.  It will need another season of life in a pot and in the spring it will be ready to soar!  How's that for a one, two punch?!

Forever in art,


Netty said...

So loving your Forest Faerie, she is beautiful. Gorgeous artwork, xx

Anonymous said...

wow, this is stunning, I love her mouth,, just beautiful, it love it all!

WrightStuff said...

She is absolutely stunning and so beautiful and gentle looking. One of my favourites I've seen of yours. Love her!!

linda said...

She is a beautiful faerie Jessi. I love her flowing hair caught in the breeze. Such a lovely poem as well, you are so gifted.

Good for you in planting some trees, we do need to give back and nuture nature.

Jenny said...

Wow Jessi... stunning faerie... your girls are incredibly sweet... and I'm a tree lover too... they never cease to amaze me... so majestic... how wonderful to be planting some... enjoy :))

Jenny x

Cia of Briarwood Studio said...

Jess, this may be my all-time favorite. So beautiful! And I feel such sympathy for those trees...I hate to see any tree cut down. They have such majestic beauty. Trees are one of my favorite things!


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

oh my Jessi ! I'm totally enchanted with this ! What a lovely poem and ART work as usual !!! So enchanting !! Love it very much ! Enchanting visions fade to mist... The forest sighs in echos ring... oh.... SO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

Diane said...

Thank you for bringing her to life with your paint and your words!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi! Forest Ferie looks like a friend of mine (seriously). It's like you painted a portrait of her. AMAZING! Everything from her eyes, nose and mouth. I will have to share this with her. She's probably going to freak.

It's really beautiful how you describe your art with the inspiration that brings it to life. Love how you're so into nature.


Liette alias Pixelle said...

As always, I am enchanted by your art different color for you to use...I like, it is so much, she is sweet, calm, nice and perfect!!! I like trees too, I am sure you will enjoy to be in company of those new friends in your background...they will protect understanding in english language is not enough good to catch everything, but I have the feeling of your poem...thanks a

Cameron said...

YES! On all accounts!
Yes to the gorgeousness of this new piece! Her eyes are amazing!

Yes to the planting of more show 'em, Jessi!

....and Yes to that new watermark!
Looks great!

Yes, I love visiting here :P

Kindred Spirit said...

Oh how I love nature, & how inspiring it can be! I seem to never have enough trees in my yard though :/ Your Forest Faerie is truly magical :)

xo Joanna

Heather Henry said...

She is truly gorgeous. I so love your art. And you're a wonderful poet as well. I'm sad to hear about the trees, it's always so discouraging when people can't see more creative ways to achieve things. I find it very frustrating. :( Hooray for you planting new trees. I hope they grow big and tall, very quickly. Hugs to you!

Kristin said...

Oh, it's all so pretty: the gorgeous painting (naturally ;), your beautiful poem and the fact that you planted more trees - just FAB, xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting! The layering adds to the fantasy look of the piece and I especially love the little green wings. An epidemic of oak wilt just went through our neighborhood killing dozens of huge oaks...we used to have a beautiful tree-filled view on both sides and now, we just see the neighbor's porches. It is sooooo very sad to lose big trees. (especially if they did it on purpose!?) Planting more is perfect!! Have a great weekend ~Scarlett

Sesenarts said...

Jessi, this image is lovely! Your poem is obviously from the heart and is just beautiful. I think it is important that we plant as many trees as we can when we can. I want my grandchildren to know what it is like to wander through a wilderness. x julie