Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outside My Comfort Zone in Willowing M3!

Ha, you knew this post was coming! LOL!  Oh my, I am SO outside my comfort zone with my Goddess.  I've been stressing too much over her I know.  Maybe I didn't think it through enough.  There are several reasons I am intimidated by this canvas.  I've never worked this large and I'm not used to doing my eyes this way.  Getting her skin toned and smooth has been a major undertaking!  I would have liked to take Tam's fabulous faces class first so I could be more comfortable with the learning curve. 

 Well, it's too late now.  I'm in it for the duration!  Now I've added even more stress by wanting to hang my finished Goddess in my living room.  As of today, she might make it to the second bedroom.

So, I took a deep breath (or five) and got up the courage to post her in the Willowing M3 class last night. The comments I received this morning were so lovely and kind - Thank you! I know that I've got a long ways to go...  

Very late last night I started working on her hair. I will be adding metallic highlights to boost the color.  I'm feeling that she is a water goddess even tho I started out in my journal intending to do an earth goddess.  She gives me a calm, serene feeling - something I need so very much!    

Today I will be connecting with my Goddess and putting my feelings into her name and description as well as preparing some different embellishments as I've changed the color scheme a little.

As I was working yesterday, I kept thinking of "A Day Without Rain", the title of my favorite Enya album. So I put it on and it was perfect!  I am always dreaming of a day without rain or at least without cold, driving rain, so I will spin it again today.  I am thinking about that as a title for my painting but I'm a little confused as to how a water goddess would perpetuate a day without rain.  Maybe it is about relaxing, serenity and self control?  All things this high strung girl needs!  LOL!

What are your thoughts?

Forever in art,  Jessica


Kristin said...

Are you kidding me!? She is AMAZING! Really, really beautiful! Can't wait to get started on mine, thanks for this beautiful inspiration! And thank you for visiting my Mom - it was so sweet of you, xo

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh la la....what a goddess!!! She is so sweet, I feel a lot of serenity in her eyes...she look fragile and strong at the same time...I adore the earth is contrasting with you habitual colors...and i think it is the moment of a great transition in your life my dear Jessica...she will assist you in your process of changing and having pleasure to live without rain or you said, she is a symbol of opposite mind and act...why not only take her for what she is...a goddess living with your mermaid and enjoy your is magnifique!!! like it too much!!!xxx

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

It's GORGEOUS, Jess ! I love the curvy lines and the colors are very charming ! The face shading is really really good, too ! Did you get a chance to watch 2nd week's lesson? Can't wait to see how we all complete this ! So many beautiful creations ! I'm probably going to spend time here and there during the weekdays trying to finish it. Hope you have a great day ! xoxo

MeUpcycled said...

Jess, her eyes really draw me in. She definitely gives off a serene, reassuring feeling.

That said, I think the title you were thinking about -- A Day Without Rain -- is very appropriate, even for a water goddess. To me, "a day without rain" can hold many meanings, other than the literal one, such as a day without tears of frustration, without grief, without responsibilities/deadlines. etc. raining down. The "rain" could be anything that holds us back, that keeps us (or our true feelings) inside. You said at the beginning of your post that you were outside your comfort zone with this painting. Could that be the rain, too?

What about the healing, restorative quality of water that she could represent? Calm seas? Healing springs? So many possibilities!

You're definitely on the right track. Let us know how she turns out!
Peace and blessings,

Emakesart said...

This is soooo beautiful and it's just the beginning!! I LOVE the flow of her hair, and metallic highlights sound perfect! You said you are out of your comfort's a scary, but wonderful place to be, right? Most of my favorite paintings lately have come from being a bit outside my comfort zone, but once they are done, they feel more "me" then the earlier ones!! It's a wonderful thing!! Including my latest one that you wanted to touch, LOL! Just let go of expectations and have fUN!


Heather said...

she flows....just gorgeous, really1

JessiVille said...

Thank you, lovelies, for all your encouragement! I've SO needed it! And to Karen and Liette, your insight into the Goddess's purpose is so spot on and has helped me connect with her even more!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

WOWZERS! Jessica, she is fantastic! I'm so glad I got to see her, you inspire me!

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Hi, Jess ! Hope things are OK with you.. so sad to hear it was your one of worst days... hmmmmmmm... well I don't know the story, but I can tell you and assure you that all works out in the end.. I've gone through horrific situations (too many to count) but I realize every morning that I wake up and nothing around me changes.. but it's only me that's dwelling inside.. Time is the only remedy and it does work... it just takes time =)